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Through out my life there have been many people who have helped to shape my love of music and non more so than my next guest. Many moons ago I discovered someone rather special, who’s musical tastes would influence me long before I had the pleasure of meeting him. I recall a time before I had access to the internet I would stay up late and listen to Kev Beadle Mind Fluid show on Solar radio. Back then I used to feverishly write down the songs that I heard on any scrap of paper in the hope that I could find those little pieces of musical gold in a record shop. All at once I was exposed to a whole new world, that captivated me until present day.
It is not everyday one get’s to meet their heroes and especially be given the opportunity to interview them. So it is with enormous pleasure that I present to you the most influential music teacher I could have ever asked for Mr Kev Beadle.
I would like to thank Kev, for his inspiration and being part of my life, it would be a very dull place with you in it.
Join Kev and I as he shares his life experiences I this two part special starting with the early years.
How did your up bringing as a child influence your musical tastes?
We always had the radio on in the house when I was a youngster and my parents bought records from time to time. I used to spend a lot of my time recording tracks being played on the radio with a little cheapy cassette recorder with a microphone held in front of the speaker. Musically I heard a lot of top 40 music being a 60’s child, but in my early teens I also got to hear music like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd (Dark Side Of The Moon is still one of the best albums ever made), Santana and listening to 40’s jazz at my nan & grandad’s house and my next door neighbours Reader’s Digest jazz boxsets.
Can you recall the first album you ever bought?
Not sure exactly. Think it might have been Electric Light Orchestra – A New World Record ?
What was the first concert / gig you went to that really got you interested in music and how did this capture your imagination?
Again as a kid my parents took me to a few concerts that were mainly more rocky, but the first concert I went to that completely got me into black dance music was going with my mum to see Brass Construction supporting The Detroit Spinners at the Fairfield Halls in Croydon.
My mum was (and still is) a huge soul and disco fan in the mid/late 70’s. Always listening to Greg Edwards Saturday evening show and Mike Allen on Capital Radio. She would write down the name of the tracks she liked and then on a Monday go to our local import record shop – Diamond Records in Croydon and pick up the latest 7” imports.
From that day after seeing BC I never looked back, so if there was anyone who can take responsibility for my on-going musical tastes its Randy Muller and my mum !!
From 77/78 I also used to go to the legendary Tiffany’s in Purley regularly on a Sunday night when I was 14/15. That was another major influence and where I first saw the whole Soul Boy culture and heard some amazing records for the first time…Slave, Willie Bobo, Wilbert Longmire, Aquarian Dream etc
How & where did you begin your DJing career?
I first got behind decks when I was in 6th Form. There was a group of us who were really into our music. Three or four of us were into our soul, funk and jazz funk, another couple who were into lovers rock and dub and another couple into ska/two tone. We used set up decks in the 6th form block at school and then get invited to play at local house parties at the weekend. My mate who was into his dub used to carry and help build the speaker boxes for Jah Shaka so when we did play out it was more sound system style…one or two decks, a homemade valve amp and 12” & 18” bass bins.
When I left school and through the early 80’s I used to play in local Croydon wine bars on a Sunday night with another guy and our regular crew of dancer mates. I also met Gilles Peterson in a local record shop at this time as he was doing a similar thing in a wine bars in Sutton and Cheam.
My big break came though when I was introduced to Trevor Fung and Paul Oakenfold. They were running a club night at a venue in South Croydon where they were bringing in the likes of Jeff Young, Pete Tong, Chris Hill, Chris Brown etc to guest and Paul and Trevor asked me to warm up. Working with these DJs was major for me at that time as I was specifically going to clubs and listening to their radio shows. These guys were legends and it was an honour to play with them.
Paul and Trevor helped me a lot in those days and believed in me as a DJ and I am truly grateful to them for that. I spent a lot of time dj’ing with them over the next few years…Ziggy’s in Streatham where I also dj’d with Carl Cox from time to time and Alan AKA Arscott
• The Jazz/funk, fusion scene has quite a niche following and is renowned for the fast upbeat tempo, what do you remember about playing in these clubs?
Not all jazz funk and fusion is upbeat, but yes a lot of it got played in the jazz dance clubs.
As I mentioned jazz played a big part in my youth and buying jazz funk at school so I guess I always had it in me so was a natural progression for me.
I remember going to the jazz clubs like Jaffas etc in the West End and being mesmerised by the jazz dancers and the freestyle rhythms and basslines.
I used to play a lot of jazz in the bars I was dj’ing in at the time, but really got my first opportunity to really play it when I dj’d upstairs at Nick Holloway’s Special Branch and Monday nights at The Wag with Gilles, Sylvester, Baz Fe Jazz and Bob Jones.• Around about this time where there any particular DJs, musicians that inspired you to progress further?
I guess from the jazz point of view it has to be Paul Murphy, Colin Parnell & Boo and Bob Jones. Also George Power, Jeff Young and Robbie Vincent.
• I first became aware of your radio show ‘Mind Fluid’ on Solar Radio over a decade ago, was this your first venture into radio?
No not at all. I used to do pirate radio back in 1984 on Starpoint Radio and the K-Jazz which only broadcast on a Sunday from various make shift studios around South London. Dj’s on there apart from myself included Gilles Peterson, Chris Phillips, Jez Nelson, Paul Bradshaw, Bob Jones, Baz Fe Jazz, Sylvester and an amazing salsa DJ called Tomek.

To be continued…….

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Angel Mel Selector was born and bred in the heart and soul of the Bristol music scene. Coming from the West Country with her roots planted in Reggae, Drum & Bass and Trip Hop, later branching into other areas of underground dance music genres, such as Acid Jazz, Broken Beat and Deep and Soulful House. Referring to herself as a selector, specialises in playing long sets where she can weave her magic . by choosing the juiciest cuts from a wide cross section of music including; Soul, Funk, Rare Groove, Boogie, Disco, Soulful & Deep Afro House and Club Classics. She believes the music should the played the way it was intended without tricks or gimmicks. As well being a professional DJ Selector, Angel Mel has worked on local radio for over five years, from BCfm to Soul Train Radio ad now where she resides at Ujima Radio, Bristol’s number 1 station. Catch Angel Mel Spread Love show, Tuesday’s 6-8pm on www.ujimaradio.com Follow on Instagram Angel Mel Selector Twitter Angel Mel 2017 Facebook Angel Mel Selector

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