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Tone Control Music  delivers another mighty dance floor blow.

Elevate is a master class in electronic deepness delivered with uplifting intention. Inspirational lyrics  by Fyza, deliver the lines “You’ve gotta get up. Style it out “!  The true to heart vocals motivates not only the mind but the body too. Elevate mixes: classic 4×4 drum patterns, mesmerising  electronic  swirls and melodic bass. Creating the music  equivalent to the release of daily  tensions, as the track suggests lose yourself and elevate your mind.

Dub version

This is deep house in it’s purest sense. Elevate is stripped back to the basics, raw and unforgiving. This track was made for the dance floor, it was meant to lose the listener and reappear when your feet touch the ground.  Floating strings and synths  pay their respects to the old skool classic Chicago house sound.

I like to call this eyes wide shut, a track that moves you from the inside out.

Artist: Tomson & Fyza

Title:  Elevate

Label: Tone Control Music

Release date: 10th March

Available from: Traxsource