Kev Beadle interview part 2- The Pioneer of Ground Breaking Music

We continue with Kev’s interview, next stop An Afternoon at Dingwalls, an encounter with Ian Brown and Southport Weekender & Suncebeat.

• You have a close connection with the legendary An Afternoon at Dingwalls event, which is fronted by Gilles Peterson, Patrick Forge & Janine Neye. How did this union first come about? What was your most memorable Dingwalls experience?

When Dingwalls was started the original dj line up was Gilles, Bob Jones and myself. Patrick was presenting a really good jazz show on Kiss FM at the time and so Gilles decided to bring him and try someone new as he was playing with Bob and I at quite a lot of other venues at that time so didn’t want to over do it with us. Janine was a really good friend of mine and Gilles and was a major ambassador for what we did. She helped shape Dingwalls into the institution it has become.

Even though I stopped playing there I still used to go there religiously. The biggest and most memorable experience for me has got to be watching it become one of the best club sessions London has ever had. Rammed out every Sunday with smiling people who probably dissed jazz at the start until they realised there was more to it, interspersed with underground soul and funk, Galliano, the Young Disciples and A Tribe Called Quest…magical !!


• Staying with the Dingwalls theme, there was a lot of ground breaking music being played & formed around that time. What was your involvement with Talking Loud records & the Acid Jazz scene?

I was also labelled an ‘Acid Jazz’ DJ at that time because like Gilles and a few others I was mixing up jazz with more eclectic modern day music…house, hip hop, jazzy loops, street soul etc. My only involvement with Talking Loud the label was being a major supporter of what it stood for. It was quite ground breaking at that time.


• During your long career as a renowned and respected DJ, Producer, Arranger, Record Label owner, music lover. Which elements of your career still excites and inspires you?

I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve done in all those positions. All of it was an education and I am lucky to have been able to make a living out of something I love.

I love doing my radio show as I have that freedom to play exactly what I want with no compromise and I don’t have to make people dance or keep a venue busy. Still get a huge buzz playing to a club dance floor too and getting that vibe from people dancing, smiling and buying me drinks 😉



• I’m not sure how many people are aware of this next question I was quite surprised. You helped to co write the lyrics on Ian Browns song ‘Kiss ya lips’, how did this collaboration come about?

No I didn’t write the lyrics. I used to do a lot more studio productions and my partner Dazz Moss, the other half of The Messengers, is really good mates with Ian. Anyway one afternoon we were in the studio putting a new track together and Ian popped in as he was passing through. He sat in with us listening to what we were doing and got really excited about the percussion groove we had put together for this particular track and asked if he could have it for a track on his Solarized LP, so we let him have it.


•  You have an interesting back catalogue of compilations, Essential Argo, Cadet Grooves series that you made for legendary Jazz labels, Charly Records, Blue Note records and more recently for BBE records. You released your ‘Private Collection’ compilation earlier this year, which takes the listener back in time to your roots. If you were to create a compilation now of newer artists who would you feature on the album?

Wow that’s a hard one -so many new artists out there. I guess it would have to feature people like Floating Points, Fatima, Hiatus Kaiyote, The Hics, Bonobo,The Internet…too many to choose from


•  Your contribution and influence to Britain’s longest standing in door event Southport weekender and in recent years Suncebeat in Croatia has been a fundamental part of the event. How did you first come to join the Southport weekender team?

I started presenting radio shows from the  SPW site when Starpoint was the event radio station. I then became a DJ in the jazz room and because of where my head was at musically Alex and Dave bought me in to help evolve and re-programme firstly the jazz room to become the Beat Bar and then got involved in the programming of the other rooms.

SunceBeat came about after Phil Asher and myself were invited to play at the Garden Festival about 6 years ago. Knowing my involvement with SPW Nick and Eddie from the Garden kidnapped me and asked if  thought Alex might be interested in doing a SPW type event in Croatia. I came back and managed to convince him that this might be a good shout as we had cut down SPW to once a year, so this could possibly replace the November event. The rest is history as they say !


• Your musical career has taken you on an incredible journey, what can we expect from you in 2014?

Definitely want to be out there playing out in more clubs and festivals in the sunshine.

Also got Vol 2 of ‘Private Collection’ coming out on BBE early next year.


• Name 3 tracks that sum up the sound track to your life?

Ronnie Laws – Always There

The Dramatics – What You See Is What You Get

Donald Byrd – Places & Spaces




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